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We are inspired by our clients and creating custom stationery for them is what we love to do! We will do our best to create pieces that reflect your style and mood of your wedding or event.

1.. We receive your contact form and contact you via email where we will gather all of your ideas and inspiration.

2.. We’ll send you visual inspiration and lots of ideas an looks.

3.. Once you decide to work with us a $200 deposit and the wording and type for the project.

4.. Within 1-2 weeks after receiving payment you’ll several different designs we’ve created just for you.

5.. You’ll choose from one of these designs and tell us your thoughts and any changes that you would like to make.

6.. We’ll perfect your designs through two (free!) additional rounds of proofs and create any complimentary items you may need to complete the suite!

7.. Once we receive a print approval form signed by you, we’ll send your pieces to print.

8.. Printing and delivery take three weeks. Your final payment is due before we mail your pieces.

9.. You revive your lovely pieces in the mail and enjoy!


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